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1990 World Violation Tour Backing Tapes (24 bit/48 kHz FLAC)

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2013 10:43 pm    Post subject: 1990 World Violation Tour Backing Tapes (24 bit/48 kHz FLAC) Reply with quote

I can't share these on DIME (my torrent was banned), so off to the bootleg forums this goes. Don't be an idiot and try to upload these to DIME.
Depeche Mode
1990 World Violation Tour Backing Tapes

Lineage: unknown -> ... -> cassette (Basf Chrome Maxima II 100) -> Onkyo TA-2055 tape deck (heads cleaned before transferring; high position, no noise reduction setting, no Accubias setting, output level approx. 75%) -> RCA -> ASUS Xonar DX -> Adobe Audition CS6 (32-bit / 192 khz) -> normalized to -7.9dB, any DC offset removed; noise reduction (65% 8dB); equalization (to lessen heavy bass) -> FLAC level 8 (24/192) -> sped up 4% using Audacity 2.0.2 -> WAV (24/4Cool -> tracks split via cuesheet to FLAC level 8 (24/4Cool
Cassette tape photos included

Backing tapes from the 1990 World Violation tour... what else is there to say? There hasn't been a properly transferred, lossless version of this circulating yet as far as I can tell.

My cassette copy is from an unknown generation and it clearly showed from the hiss which I was able to reduce by a fair amount (if the hiss were not so loud I would have left it be). This tape also played slow, which I was able to correct. It is a little muffled in general, lacking somewhat in high end frequencies, and it was very bass heavy which I reduced with some light equalization. Overall, it sounds quite a bit better than the crappy MP3 versions floating around. It's by no means the best possible version available, but it's something, finally!

"Shake The Disease" is missing the first few seconds, and there are a couple small cuts later in the track.
"Waiting For The Night" seems to be missing the first couple seconds too.
For some reason, "Behind The Wheel" and "Route 66" had significantly more background noise than the rest of the tracks. Despite noise reduction, they are still more noisy than the rest of the tracks.

Hysterika, a Greek DM fan club, gave out these backing tapes on a double CD set in a DVD case to those who attended their annual party on April 20th, 2011. I do not have a copy of that audio, nor do I know anybody who does. It's quite possible that version sounds better than this copy. If somebody has a copy of it or can obtain one, please upload it!

As for other tours' backing tapes:

1987 Music For The Masses tour backing tapes are rumored to have been sold on eBay by a New Zealand seller at some point, but I haven't heard any version of those.
Some 1993 Devotional tour backing tapes (or are they monitor feeds?) exist on a Mute in-house VHS of tour projections and outtakes from the 2004 Devotional DVD project, but I don't have those currently either.

Many thanks to stefler for generously shipping me this cassette from Germany.

Track list:

A1. [3:17] Kaleid
A2. [5:15] World In My Eyes
A3. [4:30] Halo
A4. [5:20] Shake The Disease
A5. [5:52] Everything Counts
A6. [3:46] Master And Servant
A7. [6:44] Never Let Me Down Again
A8. [5:36] Waiting For The Night
A9. [5:50] Clean
B1. [6:14] Stripped
B2. [5:09] Policy Of Truth
B3. [8:00] Enjoy The Silence
B4. [4:37] Strangelove
B5. [5:48] Personal Jesus
B6. [4:32] Black Celebration
B7. [4:07] A Question Of Time
B8. [5:54] Behind The Wheel
B9. [4:10] Route 66
Total time: 1:34:40

All songs written by Martin L. Gore, except for "Route 66" which was written by Bobby Troup.

FLAC fingerprints:

A1. Kaleid.flac:346e9a57648c69e202dee8b761bf26ce
A2. World In My Eyes.flac:9e3992171cb07d13fbeac5a75f97d787
A3. Halo.flac:2deea1121866c9de5469ea5b8c26e608
A4. Shake The Disease.flac:615b3dacdb02dd770f6740ddbdc67c9d
A5. Everything Counts.flac:dd370634f6961ba49f18ead0f6f63fa8
A6. Master And Servant.flac:49acc2ddcdc4e01c944bdb21e42c269b
A7. Never Let Me Down Again.flac:f9814f2a5901dbc0b4ee7029acf7903d
A8. Waiting For The Night.flac:955b1bed291e9bac9265d4f0076fbdea
A9. Clean.flac:32da0d4fdbac011237f9e04987f64fec
B1. Stripped.flac:82c3851d7f3eb7aabb9ed185f6dd5807
B2. Policy Of Truth.flac:fd64d7b5e66907e2d7e5051492accbcb
B3. Enjoy The Silence.flac:a86efecb7f2970ad4cb2538491c487cc
B4. Strangelove.flac:74a1002dff3f1642d47556da3d0fefda
B5. Personal Jesus.flac:b4b4d03effadd745dd2554be2492aa70
B6. Black Celebration.flac:a657dac065497d578872f76dae1e7224
B7. A Question Of Time.flac:de19b6f0d0e2de16b37ca21700dc3902
B8. Behind The Wheel.flac:b886d710e1ab0067cb39bd0d362823b1
B9. Route 66.flac:8e70c55041a2b46e808a54342cc10ff1

MD5 checksums:

2e7480fd313107efce07e07c19ade247 *A1. Kaleid.flac
d65fd322cad97d32d6e91ce1f6ca027e *A2. World In My Eyes.flac
7345d41154422336b84bb40bc689afda *A3. Halo.flac
28c33522e401b4a89f6210842b54e525 *A4. Shake The Disease.flac
fdc32a39526387117e9ae7297c670b41 *A5. Everything Counts.flac
27b8d274250d88f85b837e18b2ed3ade *A6. Master And Servant.flac
cfd9996b1e61194bb676d5cf14a8c4ee *A7. Never Let Me Down Again.flac
6f9d4a14f0f9817ad3a65fd499a1940f *A8. Waiting For The Night.flac
349e13c4d111cedce30bf1a7781a193f *A9. Clean.flac
b4f1417d418adb02c2e07930bd2d6fe1 *B1. Stripped.flac
610c37277d4d3711195cc17281fa5382 *B2. Policy Of Truth.flac
28384bbca40ae63e10de2cff58b16553 *B3. Enjoy The Silence.flac
b4b93f3e7905fcb4f3c47227f49abf46 *B4. Strangelove.flac
34201077e255a33ff2a6120a2ee23a9a *B5. Personal Jesus.flac
e174d54bf6ea4aa916872e3f304dac56 *B6. Black Celebration.flac
9d53254e6b94c737945bf8dfc90334a2 *B7. A Question Of Time.flac
d53c5306b7b6d8908a1685db7d777cf4 *B8. Behind The Wheel.flac
b3d3ae3f31aa1a9388f4a0ff8a51101d *B9. Route 66.flac
41e49f3884d408aa2f5084cf3fd4385a *Depeche Mode - 1990 - World Violation Tour Backing Tapes.ffp
1d7170d6617f03af6f033377f8553450 *Photos\A.jpg
64c3399ebe6c1123dec2600a3d64a13d *Photos\B.jpg
2333e290f3c01329ffa2243b2be0c496 *Photos\Insert.jpg

You must download all four links:

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 5:48 pm    Post subject: Thanks! Reply with quote

Thank you so much for that one as I had only a lossy copy !!!
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 21, 2014 10:51 pm    Post subject: World Violation Part 4 Reply with quote

Can someone help me get part 4 or the whole World Violation Tour Backing Tape?

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 30, 2014 12:00 pm    Post subject: Re-Up Reply with quote

Has anyone by any chance got part 4 of the above hanging around ? A couple of hours downloading to find that part 4 is missing .

Many Thanks
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2014 3:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

you can't get part 4 cause the link has expired, sendspace links expire after 7 days... although, i found this page where you can download them one by one, by clicking on "lyrics"; decent quality (192 kbps) http://www.melodycenta.com/Depeche-Mode/Violator-Tour-Backing-Tapes-music/mp32102375/
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