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Posted on 08.08.2005 at 16:52
hola fanaticos de españa DEPECHE MODE es la mejor banda que ha existido todas sus canciones son inspiradoras y destructoras del metal que tanto saño le han hecho a la humanidad...depeche mode es mi banda ,me gusta sus discos en especial sus ocho primeros...sigamos apoyandolos asi ocuparan el sitio que merecen ocupar o sea el primero
Posted on 07.08.2005 at 00:48
Hi....I'm from Mexico city..and I loooooved DM as many fans here...we really hope that they come soon, but it's kinda u could help us to convince them..everybody here will be greatful (sorry for my spelling)'s all and nice site. bye.
Posted on 04.08.2005 at 12:15
Hi Folks, grate site, feeling very depressed though because Depeche are not playing in Dublin they have gigs in UK but not here, Dublin is an amazing city host to major acts including Madonna last year and U2 playing to 250 000 people this year, can someone please tell the guys to come to Dublin they are the only band I have not seen live, we want, need, have to have the best live band in the world come to Dublin for an amazing experience, they will not want to leave us, respect Antho
Posted on 26.07.2005 at 14:45
I Love Martin and the other boys!they plays the greatest hits and my life should be so lucky!
It was really nice to reading this side!
in love anne
Posted on 21.07.2005 at 19:30
Nice work.
fan DM from Poland
Posted on 03.07.2005 at 17:26
Fajna macie strone, I love Depeche Mode :-)
Posted on 25.06.2005 at 18:00
There is no limit to perfection. Continue work on the site! Thank you
Posted on 24.06.2005 at 17:10
realmente esta es una pagina que a mi me gusta mucho tiene suficiente informacion como para poder seguir con la tarea de mostrar las cualidades de uno de los grupos mas importantes de los ultimos 2o años
Posted on 18.06.2005 at 17:53
Great site, but here arn´t enough pictures i mean. I´m a big DM-fan since 10 years ago and i´m watching for new contact. ( I´m a German )

by , see you...
j garcia
Posted on 08.06.2005 at 03:47
very pleased i'm old school - 80's - from the early days can you post more pictures events anecdotes
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