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Depeche Mode single Precious leaked online - UPDATE

July / 22 / 2005:

Two days after the leak of the video for "Precious", Depeche Mode's upcoming single, Mute Records has issued a statement in which they say: "The means in which the track was obtained is under investigation, we understand that it may have been obtained illegally. We are disappointed with the early leak of the track and video and we are in the process of ensuring all unauthorised files are removed as quickly as possible."

It remains to be seen if the single will be released earlier than expected (October) due to the premature leaking. Mute had not yet returned calls at the moment of printing. According to the unfinished "Precious" video got leaked when the website of QFilm, the company producing the video, presumably by accident, put up the video on what was supposed to be a secure portion of their website.