Site-History -

Here you can find the complete site-history of this page.

• I started this page on April 26th 1996 as a small homepage on AOL.

I got quite many visitors after submitting my page to Yahoo.
In 1996 Yahoo was the most used search engine.

• In 1998 I moved my whole page to my new Domain,
There I had much more webspace, FTP-Access to my server and could run CGI-Files.

Unfortunately the person where I ordered the webspace vanished and I lost the whole domain.

• So in 1999, I had to move the whole page to a new server.
It moved to a slow server from my ISP T-Online.

• In 2002, I changed my ISP again and moved the page.
The new domain was

•Then finally in 2005, I moved the page to it's current and hopefully final destination.
Here I have PHP and MySQL access and everything else I need for the page.

So far we have one of the greatest Depeche Mode Bootleg collections on the web on this page, also a large picture gallery of the last Depeche Mode World Tour.

I am still trying to improve this page, so if you have ideas just use this thread in the forum.