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2000 Depeche Mode Tickets in Germany forged

January / 06 / 2006:

Falsifications sold via Ebay - No entry with forged tickets

For the sold-out German leg of the Depeche Mode indoor tour due to start mid January approx. 2000 forged tickets have been sold. These tickets were auctioned via Ebay under the member names "werd mich los" and "Ediths - 1a". Of course the promoter will not be able to honor these falsifications. This is also not possible due to the legal capacity restrictions which must be adhered to.

German promoter Marek Lieberberg and the CTS-Eventim ticketing company will implement strict entry controls at all Depeche Mode concerts. The barcodes of all tickets will be checked with mobile scanners. Purchasers of forged tickets will be denied entry and should request compensation from the relevant Ebay agents.

Mid December the Berlin police had taken a 29-year old suspect into custody. The man had been arrested in a local hotel and was in possession of an illegal loaded weapon. He is suspected of fraudulent distribution of forged Depeche Mode tickets via the Internet. The criminal police department of Berlin has written to all purchasers of these tickets with a request for witness statements.