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Bremen Review

June / 07 / 2006:

As I promised yesterday, here is a short review from the concert in Bremen / Germany.

I arrived at the Weserstadion very early in the morning. A few other Devotees had already arrived. They have been very nice and we had a good time. Unfortunately we had chosen the wrong entrance. People who had waited at gate 9 got faster into the stadium, so I had no chance for the first row. Finally I had a nice place in the 4th row on the "Martin Side".

The first opening act were "The Raveonettes".
Well it was not my kind of music but it was ok.

The 2nd opening act was "Goldfrapp".
They had some technical problems at the beginning, but made a nice show.

Then finally, a few minutes past 9pm, Depeche Mode entered the stage.
They made a fantastic show. Dave's voice was great this evening and Martin and Dave had much fun. The highlight for me was Photographic. A few minutes before 11pm the concert was over.

I think this was the best Depeche Mode Concert I ever had.

I made a lot of pictures. You can find them in the picture section.
Also you can find 3 Quicktime-Videos in the download Section.