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Depeche Mode: Are they coming or not?

July / 17 / 2006:

Producer Shuki Weiss denies rumors about cancellation of band's performance in Israel. Professionals in music industry: 'If fighting reaches centreal Israel, there will be no escaping cancellation'

The rumors and tidbits about a possible cancellation of Depeche Mode's concert in Israel, scheduled for August 3, continue to flow.

Since the start of fighting in the north, a number of events and performances have been cancelled or postponed, including the Vaia Con Dios concert in Haifa, the Dance Festival in Carmiel, the Coca Cola Music Festival in Nitzanim, and Tempo's Beer City Festival in Tel Aviv.

As the Depeche Mode concert date gets closer, the question is being asked if the biggest concert of the summer is going to be cancelled.

The show's producer, Shuki Weiss, told Ynet Sunday that "Depeche Mode and its managers will come to Israel as planned. They're not blind. They see what is going on and are following the news. They are in daily contact with us and everything will be conducted as usual."

However, other people in the business have said that if the fighting gets to the center of the country, there will be no avoiding canceling the concert: "There is a foreboding feeling in our stomachs because you can never know what is really going to happen. But the whole industry in Israel is hoping for the best."