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iTunes launches exclusive Depeche Mode pack

December / 15 / 2006:

Rumoured for some days now, Side-Line received the official word that iTunes indeed will release an exclusive Depeche Mode download pack.It will be the 4th time in the history of the downloadstore that such pack is made available. We also got some more details about this special pack that will be only available via iTunes. The pack will be consisting of no less than 640 tracks of which 59 will be exclusive and previously unreleased so EMI informed us. They could not tell us whether this would include demos or just rare remixes which were previously only available on vinyl or just never released. As far as the pricing, EMI says iTunes would more or less be putting an own price on the whole pack which makes a price of roughly 150 US dollar / euros more to be expected. Sure is however that the pack will reach the iTunes store by Tuesday December 19th. All of the tracks - including the rare ones - would also be available seperately although it is to be believed that the biggest gems will be 'album only'. Unlike what is being suggested here and there, this pack will be available outside the USA as well.