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More info on upcoming Depeche Mode Ultra and Exciter remasters

April / 13 / 2007:

Some unexpected Depeche Mode news popped in. In a phonecall
had with Simon Heyworth of Super Audio Mastering it has become clear that
the upcoming remasterings of the Depeche Mode albums "Ultra" (1997) and
"Exciter" (2001) will not be much different from the existing masterings
done for the CD re-leases back in 1997 and 2001. Heyworth: "Except for a few
details here and there, it will really be sounding like the recording as you
know it." And he adds: "You actually need to have a trained ear in order to
tell the difference between the two masters." The reason for keeping the
remastering minimal is simple: "They already sounded great from the start
and there was really nothing we could add to make it sound better and closer
to the original recording." The re-releases will be worth getting anyhow, as
the packages will come with the original recording remastered as a SACD and
with a bonus DVD. Or as Heyworth says: "The SACD mastering is excellent and
worth getting for sure!" Both re-issues will be out on May 21 via Mute/EMI.