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A Statement From Marek Lieberberg

June / 23 / 2009:

The following statement from Marek Lieberberg is in response to the secondary concert ticket market in Germany. Martin, Dave and Andy applaud Mareks efforts to fight ticket reselling.

We understand the frustration of fans with respect to the ticket black market, touts and unjustified surcharges. The Marek Lieberberg Konzertagentur has not only expressively warned the fans about so called secondary ticketing platforms, but also taken legal action against these.

At MLK's request the District Court of Munich prohibited the internet ticket portal Smartfox/Ventic from trading in tickets indirectly obtained through the MLK distribution system or through third parties. Due to the law and a leading decision of the Federal Court of Justice in Germany ticket trading on these platforms is only forbidden, if a dealer purchases tickets directly from the promoter's sales system while concealing his real intention to resell them commercially. "The decision is a first small step forward the long overdue regulation of ticket sales and the restriction of black market trading", commented Marek Lieberberg.

Despite this ruling numerous touts and non-authorized dubious dealers are continuing to obtain tickets, thus creating an artificial shortage and demanding excessive premiums. Unfortunately German courts have not realized the extent of illegal ticket trading and do not protect the customers from horrendous surcharges. The freedom of resale has been put above consumer protection.

While we continue in our quest, we urge fans to neglect inflated tickets from resellers. "The lesson will only be learnt, if the public rejects overpriced inventory!", Lieberberg said.

Only last week the added Depeche Mode arena show at the O2 World in Berlin was sold out within hours via the official ticketing company Eventim and its outlets. However, shortly afterwards numerous tickets resurfaced via private and commercial ticket traders. Marek Lieberberg Konzertagentur advises that there are still tickets available at face value via Eventim for several Depeche Mode stadium and indoor arena concerts in Germany.

The fans need to demonstrate that they are not willing to be forced into the secondary market and excessive surcharges. Thereby the touts will be stuck with their inventory and eventually have to lower their price to the original level or take a well deserved loss. "The legal battle of MLK against the secondary ticket market continues", Lieberberg said.